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“Terri is an exceptionally gifted, spiritual and loving individual. I highly recommend Terri’s services to anyone who wishes to embark on the spiritual path, or to those who simply want to feel better about life.”  ~Marty T.

“My experience with Terri’s Healing Circle and Chakra Balancing was profound. Through her energy work, I increased my awareness on various life experiences as well as into my spirit guides. Both have had an insightful impact on my life.”  ~Anna F., Lewes

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Usui Reiki  
First and Second Degree Level
Tuition $325.00
Check back for Classes

Reiki is an intense healing service on its own and a great foundation for all Holistic Healing servies you may do or want to do in the future.

You will learn an overview of the history of Usui Reiki, the techniques and hand positions for treatment on yourself and others.  Learn Byosen Scanning, Beaming to read issues in the Aura, the second degree Reiki Symbols and how to activate them.
You will know how to give a complete Reiki treatment at the end of this class, how to send Reiki into the past, future and at a distance and will receive Level 1 & 2 attunements.  

Please Bring your own lunch both days.   Coffee, Tea and Water available
$50.00 non refundable deposit required to hold your place in the class.  
Register early, seats are limited.

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The Medicine Woman School of Holistic Studies

​3 Month Shamanic Core Class
Tuition $1100.00

The Four Month Shamanic Class
4 Shamanic Healing Services
Tuition $1350.00

Payment Plans Available
Detailed description and information of all classes are listed below.​
The Seven Fundamental Rights of the Chakra System ~ By Terri Pippin The Medicine Woman

We have fundamental rights that make us who we are.   Knowing this is one of the basic steps to understanding yourself.   These basic rights are the foundation for our lives and the foundation of the Chakra/Energy System.

The underlying right of the First Chaka (Root) is the right to be here.  This is manifested in the right to have what we need to survive   When we are denied the basic necessities of survival - food, clothes, warmth, medical care, and physical touch, our right too have is threatened and we are likely to question that right throughout our lives in relations to many things from money and possessions, to love and time to ourselves.

The right to feel is the basic right governed by the Second Chakra (Sacral).  'Boys don't cry' , 'How can you express your self that way?  You should be ashamed of yourself''.  These kinds of remarks infringe on our right to feel.  A culture that frowns upon emotional expressions or calls someone weak for being sensitive also infringes on this basic right.  A spinoff of this right is the right to want.   If we can't feel it is very difficult to know what we want.

The Third Chakra's (Solar Plexus) fundamental right is the right to act - this right is restricted by abusive authority.   We are taught to obey and follow - that actions taken had better be right.  Fear of punishment and enforcement of blind obedience, whether from parents or culture seriously impair our personal power - the conscous use of our rght to act.

The right to love and be loved is the basic right of your Fourth Chakra (Heart).   In a family, this right can be damaged when parents do not constantly and unconditionally love and care for their child.  When conditions are put on love a child's self - love is threatened.   When we get hurt or rejected we often question or restrict our right to love and we then shutdown our heart chakra.

The right to speak and hear the truth is the fundamental right of the Fifth Chakra (Throat).  Difficulty occurs when we are not allowed to speak in our family.   This incudes not being heard when you do speak, not being spoken to honestly, when we are told to keep secrets or maintain family lies our fifth chakra shuts down.  When we are critized for our attempt to speak or have our trust violated around communicating private matters we gradually lose contact with our right to speak.

The fundamental right of the Sixth Chakra (Third Eye) is the right to see.   This right is damaged when we are told that what we perceive is not real   When things are deliberate hidden or denied or from having our vision misunderstood and discounted.  When what we see is ugly, frightening or inconsistent with something we know, our physical vision will be effected by the closing down of our third eye.  Claiming the right st see helps us to reclaim our physic abilities as well.

The fundamental right of the Seventh Chakra (Crown) is the right to know.  This incudes the right to education, information, the truth and the right to knowledge.   Equally  important are our spiritual rights, to connect with the Divine in what ever way we perceive it.

This is the foundation for your chakra system and a beginning of knowing your true self.   The Medicine Woman is offereing classes, workshops and private appointments for Chakra Healing and Development.

The remainder of this spring and all of summer offers an excellent time for creating change and going deeper into your heaing.  Enjoy creating a new and fruitful life.   Call to register for classe or book an appointmen for Chakra Classes, Healing and Development.

Women Journal Article -June 2013
Find this article:
Terri's Shamanic Core Class was full of knowledge and hands on healing.   Her class had a profound effect on me and has set me on a journey I look forward to each and every day.   I have grown as a person in mind, body and spirit and feel at peace with myself..  Her expertise is outstanding and I am grateful for her powerful gifts as a teacher and healer.
Claudia A, Holistic Spa Owner in Rehoboth, De
The Shamanic Core Class opened my being to a new world.  I continue to grow spiritually  in ways I could not have previously imagined.  Terri is a wonderfully gifted Shaman and an equally fantastic guide for learning the Shaman way.
Nate Metz
Author & Artist
I attended the Spring, 2013 Shamanic Core Class, and loved every session.  From start to finish, the intensive never failed to bring growth opportunities where I personally needed them, while opening my eyes to realms I never knew existed.  I cannot say enough great things about how well developed the training was as a whole and how much we can all learn from both the extensive experience Terri has as a Shamanic Teacher and healer, as well as the knowledge we learn is inside of us just waiting to be brought forth by such a wonderful program.  I would recommend this training to anyone who is contemplating this journey.
T. Rece Marie     Owner  ~  Beatrix Crow
The Theory and Technique of Polarity Chakra Balancing
Tuition -  $325.00 
1/11/2020 & 1/12/2020
9:30 to 5pm both days

Learn an exciting and very successful healing modality -  Chakra Balancing.   This is a service that is a must for all Massage Therapist and others in the Holistic Healing field.  

This Class Will Cover​:
​Introduction to the 7 major Chakras
How to read the Chakras using the Pendulum
How to keep the Practitioner Healthy
The Technique, Theory and Hand Positions Used to Balance Each Chakra
The Technique for Spine Cleansing to Release Blockages
The Technique to do a light cleansing/dusting of the Aura
Different Breathing Techniques to increase your healing vibration
How to heal at the cell level

Clinical Application
Each student will know how to do a complete Chakra Balancing with Spine Cleansing and Aura Dusting upon completition of the class.
This is a very popular class that is quickly filled up, enroll before this class if full.

Coffee, Tea and Water Supplied
Please bring your lunch.
A $50.00 Non Refundable Deposit is Required to Hold Your Seat
Welcome to the new Prosperity Workshop for Entrepreneurs.
How to Avoid Financial Disaster
Tuition - $150.00

To live fully on the physical plane you need proper, food, clothing, warm shelter, rest and recreation without excessive toil or worry.

To live fully on the mental plan you need satisfying mental activities with books, music, and with the opportunity and money for travel, cultural events and time to enjoy them.

To live fully on the Spiritual Plane you need time for quite contemplation, meditation, prayer, spiritual study, attendance at churches, lectures and satisfying association with others on the spiritual path.

It is therefore of supreme importance that you be prosperous for your physical, mental and spiritual welfare and development.

Make no excuse for putting up with lack or accepting it as a permanent way of life. There are honorable methods that can carry you quickly toward your goals and it is easier to accomplish than you may think.

This class will cover:
​Learn how to Calculate your Current Financial "Comfort Zone".
How to use lack and abundance to grow your business.
What is your relationship with money?  How do you make it better?
Learn what problems dysfunctional behavior can cause in your business and how to avoid these behavior in the future.
How to nurture Love and Passion in your business.
How to Embrace a Risk.
How to leverage your gifts by investing in yourself.

The 4 Month Shaman Class
Tuition - $1350.00
This Class Covers:
Meeting your Power Animal and Spirit Guides.
Learning how to Journey
Navigating the three worlds of the shaman
Building your medicine wheel
Ancestor work
Stepping into the power of the Seer
Space clearing and cleansing
Ceremonies and Rituals
Shamanic Healing Modalities.
    Soul Retrieval
    Past Life Journey
    Illumination Therapy
    Extraction Process
Healing thru the 8th thru12th spiritual Charkas.
This class will cover Core and Advanced Shamanic Practices.

This Shaman Class will meet one weekend a month and have one teleconference call a month each month.
All course materials are supplied, along with breakfast danish, lunch, coffee or water.  Just bring a passion to learn and the desire for a change in your life that Shamanism brings.

Root Worker
Tuition - $150.00
Check back for Class Dates

When I was first introduced into folk magic traditions it resonated with my core essence.  I had wondered for years why my own use of herbs, roots and oils seemed to work better out of the traditional kitchen.   I had felt as a young child that plants, roots and trees would seem to communicate with me.  Why did I seem to be able to put a couple plants together to help with prosperity, health and overall well being and protection?  Why did I seem to be drawn to Mother Earth and all her gifts? 

Why did my blends (as I grew to call them) seem to be a little off center and different from most typical prosperity, love and protection blends?  I learn that as I stepped into my own power my blends were highly successful and sought after.  I had stepped into the role of a Root Doctor.   Once I allowed this into my life, recipes started pouring out.

This one day class is designed to teach you the basic of putting herbs, oils, barks and roots together to increase your chance for more prosperity, love, health and protection in your life.

You will be taught how to Conjure up Prosperity, Love, Protection and Good Health blends.  
You will be learn how to set up your work space starting with and ending with prayers to spirit.
The proper way to create and send out your intentions and wishes.

All herbs, oils, roots and plant based materials will be supplied.  
You leave with the knowledge of how to step into this Folk Magic.  The meaning of different herbs and their power and magical side.  How to make your own recipes. 
  A starter kit with 10 different herbs and containers to house your recipes. 
You will be able to Conjure what is needed to make your life run smoothly.

Coffee and water available.   Please bring your lunch with you.

The Medicine Woman's Full Spectrum Healing
3 Day Intensive Training Class
Tuition:  $550.00
Check Back for Future Dates

The Medicine Woman's Full Spectrum Healing is work done to the Human Energy Field (Human Aura) and the 7 Major Chakras to repair any imbalance in the Mind, Body and Soul.  This is major Holistic healing work done in the templates in the physical, emotional, spiritual and mental body. 

*This Class includes an intensive study of the Chakra and Auric Systems.
*The Universal Method of Health and Healing.
*Ability to read and comprehend the planes and levels of the Human Aura.
*Steps to direct and control your energy output as you heal others.
*Understanding and working with the Universal Energy Field.
*Understanding and working with the Human Energy Field
  (Called the Human Aura).
*Etheric Template Repair (Fifth level of the Human Aura).
*Ketheric Template Replacement (Seventh level of the Human Aura).
*How to keep yourself healthy as you heal others.
*Steps needed for direct access of information from your guides and healers.
*The Process of Internal Viewing of the physical body.
*The different Breathing Techniques needed to raise your healing vibration.
*The Steps for Chelation of the Human Aura and Seven Major Chakras.

All Supplies and Course Materials Provided
Morning Snacks and Lunch Provided
Coffee, Tea and Water Provided

This class in an intensive class and seats are very limited.   Please contact The Medicine Woman with your questions.

See you in class!