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Soul Retrieval ~ When we experience Trauma in our lives, we splinter off in order to get through the ordeal -such as when you experience death. Through Soul Retrieval, the Shaman travels to retrieve the splintered parts of your life, helping you with your healing process.       $150.00

Past Life Journey ~ When you experience any form of illness -mind, body or spirit- that is not founded in reality, you could be dealing with past life karma that is influencing how you are in this lifetime. Often, to have knowledge of your past lives will correct the problem or allow the healing to begin.                                                                                                                                                                                                                       $150.00

Full Spectrum Healing ~ This is healing done within the Shamanic Medicine Wheel.  It starts with an intensive cleansing of the Aura, intensive repair to the 7 major Chakras, therapeutic touch for any physical issues and a session of reflexology for grounding.  2 Hour Service ~      $250.00

Illumination Therapy - Basic ~  Unsolved psychological and spiritual traumas become engraved like scratch marks in our Aura.  These scratch marks or imprints predispose us to repeat certain events form the past, such as attracting love partners with the same toxic personality traits, physical  issues we inherit from our parents, even negative family misfortune.  Illumination Therapy helps to remove imprints in the Aura and the toxic energy surrounding the imprint.                                                                                             1 Hour Service -       $140.00
Illumination Therapy - Advanced.   Includes Extractions                                    2.5  Hour Service  -  $250.00

Shamanic Space Clearing ~ This is used to clear negative energy from your home, business or your land.  If your home or business is experiencing internal bickering or hostility, loss of income, negative disturbances or break-ins a space Clearing will help to eliminate that activity.  Please call Terri Pippin for answers to any additional questions you might have.                                                                                           Price Starts at $500.00.

Reiki  and  Reflexology  ~  Energy healing done through the ages.  30 minute -  $70.00   or  60 minute -  $120.00

Access Bar Therapy ~ Start the process of seeing, thinking and reacting without old programming from those around you. 
30 Minutes  ~  $70.00        60 Minutes  ~  $120.00

Chakra Balance ~ This healing is done on the seven major Chakras. Each Chakra is balanced, vibration tuned, and rotation corrected. Chakra Balancing through The Medicine Woman was uniquely developed & spiritually ascertained.​ Allow 1 hour ~ $145.00

Energy Trio - Great way to combine multiple services at a very reasonable price.  Choose three separate 30 minute services from Massage, Reiki', Reflexology, Access Bar Therapy or Shamanic Counseling.   $150.00                         

Energy Workshops & Classes ~ Energy work is about learning to feel at home in your body, being able to balance how you act and react to life's ups and downs and becoming the best you can.  Energy Workshops help you to obtain this.  This is done in a group setting of no more than 10 people.  Classes are 1, 2 or 3 days.     Go to Upcoming Events and Chronicles to see dates of up coming classes.  

Energy Work 
Healing done in the Aura, Chakras and on a Spiritual Level.   Helps with all forms of physical, mental and emotional problems.
Shamanic Healing
Healing done on a very deep and notably different level. 
Through trance, meditation, visualization, and serious discipline, the Shaman's abilities to heal becomes mastered.

Terri Pippin, Founder

MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Discover Cards Accepted
​ MasterCard, Visa and Discover Cards Accepted

Healing Circles, Workshops, Classes


Shamanic Core Class - Back by popular demand!!! - 3 Month Class
Check back later for more information.                                                        $1100.00

The New 4 Month Shamanic Core Class ~  This is a very intensive, informative and powerful workshop on Shamanism.  This class will meet one weekend a month for four months.  Learn how to find and work with your Power Animal, Spirit Guides and Healers.  Experience the advantages of drumming.  Learn how to journey to the different worlds of the Shaman, do Ancestor work, build your own Medicine Wheel and learn Shamanic Healing.       Only 8 Students will be in each course.  
Different Payment Methods available.                                                                                                                $1350.00

Quantum Healing - Healing using Wave Particle Duality Therapy.  NEW CLASS.  
Learn how to program Protons for Quantum healing.   Incorporate Quantum Mechanics into the healing. Enhance the healing being done by medical staff.   Work to improve the effects of medicine and lessen the side effects .  This is one of the fastest growing methods of energy healing being used today.                                                                                   $ 550.00 

The Medicine Woman's Full Spectrum Healing ~ This 3 day Intensive Workshop includes:  Intensive study and discussion of the Chakra And Auric System.   Discussion and understanding of the universal method of health and disease.    Ability to read and understand the planes and levels of the Aura.   Aspects of the Different Character Structures.    Steps to increase, direct and control your energy output.   Hand placements to clear negative thoughts, actions and ways from your thought patterns.    Etheric Template Repair   Kethertic Template Replacement and Repair.   How to keep yourself healthy as you heal others.   Steps needed for Direct Access of Information from guides and healers.   The Process of Internal Viewing.                                $ 550.00

The Theory and Technique of Chakra Balancing ~  This is a great class for people in the Massage and Energy Healing field.  Add this modality to your list of services offered to your clients.  Learn the Hand Techniques and Theory behind the ability to help balance the 7 Major Chakras (Energy Centers), leaving your clients with less stress and better health in their life.  This is a very popular healing modality at The Medicine Woman.  NCBTMB Approved Continuing Education Training.                                                                                                                                                                                                                      $ 325.00

Usui Reiki Level 1 & 2 Our Reiki Level 1 & 2 class is taught together.   This allows our students to work on others as well as themselves and have the knowledge of the origin of Reiki and the sacred Reiki Level 2 symbols, they are taught the hand positions to be used for self and others, how to do Byosen Scanning and Beaming to locate trouble areas and to deepen their Reiki abilities. $25.00 non refundable Deposit Required to hold your seat in this class.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             $ 325.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Prosperity Workshop ~ Prosperity is so much more than financial gains, learn the simple steps to improving your family and romantic relationships, deeper bonds with old friends and attracting new friends, start reclaiming better emotional, physical and spiritual health.  Dare to rise above your financial problems, and learn how to manifest the kind of money you want to make and the life you want to live.  
                                                                                                                                                                   $ 150.00
Conjure - Folk Magic - Learn how the use of Roots, Herbs, Plants and Bark can work better out of the traditional kitchen when combined with stones, crystals and such.  Step into the role of Root Doctor.  Learn how to Conjure up prosperity, love, protection and healing for those in need of your help.                                                                                                         $ 150.00

The Art of Tarot Card Reading - This class will cover the Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards interpretations.  The Different suits - Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles.  The Court Arcana, Tarot numerology.  How to do a reading.   Telling time.  Clarification Cards.    How to do the different spreads and how to create your own spread.                                                                                                                
                                                                                                                                             $ 150.00

Coming in June, 2021
Awaking your Empathic and Psychic Abilities.   A 6 month course on the development of your Empathic and Psychic Skills.    
                                     More Details to come........

Please visit Up Coming Events and Chronicles for detailed information on all classes offered at The Medicine Woman, llc.

Energy Trio
Customize your Energy Healing by choosing any three 30 minute Service listed below. 
Shamanic Consultation
30 Minute Access Bar Clearing
Must be 3 separate services and cannot be combined with other specials or discounts

Cancellation Policy

To avoid being charged the full service fee:
Massage, Energy Work, Intuitive Readings or Shamanic Private Sessions must be cancelled 24 hours prior to time of service.

Please Check the Cancellation Policy of All Classes, Courses and Workshops

All Check, Credit Card or Debit Card charges that are returned for non payment will be subject to a $50.00 return fee.

Access Bar Therapy

Access Bar Therapy is a set of tools and processes that are designed to facilitate more consciousness for everyone. Consciousness includes everything without judgement.  It is the willingness and capacity to be totally aware, totally present in all areas of your life. 

We have the tendency to function from thoughts, feelings and emotions.  Access Bar Therapy is about unlocking you from the polarity, imprisonment, conditioning and limitation of your thoughts, feelings and emotions.  When we are functioning thru old conditions we choose to have little choice and limited possibilities.  

Polarity keeps us from actually seeing things as they are so that we can't change what we would like to change.   Polarity keeps us functioning from the trauma and drama, the upset and intrigue of reality.   Our addiction to polarity is one of the strongest addictions there is.

One of the greatest tools to unlocking us from this addiction is to function from allowance.   Allowance is where everything is just an interesting point of view.   Allowance lets us become aware of all the areas in our life where we are either aligning and agreeing or resisting and reacting to any points of view, thoughts, feelings, emotions, beliefs, judgments, conclusions or considerations.

We can begin to set ourselves free with the tools and processes of Access Bar Therapy.
30 Minute $ 70.00
60 Minutes  $120.00

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Tarot Cards

30 Minutes  $70.00
60 Minutes  $120.00

In Person and Phone Reading  
By Appointment Only
Call 302-220-1146 to Schedule Your Reading

All Reading are Done in a Private Setting and Are always Confidential.

The Medicine Woman will follow all COVID Restrictions.

To enter our building you must wear a Mask.
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We are looking to open classes up for enrollment in the next 60 days.  We are waiting for the number of COVID related illnesses to decline.

There will be new classes available when we are able to gather together again.